Where was I for three months?

Friends and family left in the dark I made my exit from Texas to go hide in California for the end of the summer. No one could know my deep dark secret but now it is public! I was filming for Science.  

From Engineering to Biology my skills and knowledge placed me with 9 other of the most intelligent, skilled and entertaining makers on the planet. 

Follow us starting  Jan. 7th on the Science Channel to bring entertainment and thought to your evening. 

The Trifecta

Bo Dingo

‘Myth dog’ spent the entire time with me on set and is as much a contestant as I.

Burning Spool

Blacksmithing is a great hobby to pick up. Need a fork? Need a Knife? Need a frying pan? Just make it.  


Don’t try this at home kids. As my idol says, “we’re professionals.”