every maker needs a mark



BS Forgery is the maker mark of Brian Louden. With a bit of the humor that is uniquely his he couldn’t resist the play on words. Knowing most of his creations push his skills and commonly require him to learn new things outside of his knowledge base he felt his mark should reflect this. 


The idea that everything he makes bears a mark which as a word would imply it is perhaps a cheap copy but is in fact a unique creation fits Brian well. But in case you have to know, the real BS is Burning Spool. 


So what does he make?


His love of learning and understanding the world around him leads Brian to always find new trades, skill and knowledge to seek out. 

Brian’s educational background includes time as a Paramedic and a degree in Biology. But he also has experience working as a Drilling Engineer, running a bar, researching at a body farm, and teaching to name just a few. 


All of  this comes together as he pushes his limits to create unique and interesting items not limited by any particular discipline. BS Forgery reflects this ideology of learning what it takes to do anything you want. 

The mark makes its appearance on his first attempt at any leather-working. Brian still carries this today. 

Never Stop making

And you will never stop learning