Bo Dingo 

best buddy to brian

Bo Dingo was rescued from the Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Texas.  Waiting for an appropriate time in his life Brian was finally ready to fit a dog back into it. Bo was overlooked the first few visits just due to the number of pets that needed homes. But after spending time with a few other dogs Brian noticed her sitting quietly behind a rather hyper pit bull.

What is Bo?

  • Rescue Dog
  • Labrador retriever
  • Staffordshire Terrier
  • Australian Kelpie


“She saved me just as much as I saved her.”

Brian eventually talked Bo into coming outside with him and right away she showed her self to be the sweetest, smartest dog he had ever had in his life.


Bo has endless energy to play fetch and run. But it is just as common to find her asleep at Brian’s feet. The two are hard to separate. Most recently Bo spent her time with Brian becoming the best friend of the amazing crew working on Mythbusters.



Bo and Brian 

Always Goofy, Always Together